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  • Agency Name: Dosh Resources
  • Area/City: Puchong
  • State: Selangor

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Short Description
I am an Assistant Unit Manager with AIA and total of 7 years of working experience in Insurance Industry. I specialize in finding the correct solution to your needs based on fact finding and I believe in we only provide what client's need and not what agent's need. My clientele consist both local Malaysian and Expatriate.
Long Description
I am a Assistant Unit Manager with AIA and specialized in:

- Medical Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Personal Accident
- Unit Trust
- General Insurance & Motor Insurance
- Private Retirement Scheme
- Trust and Will
- Corporate Solution (Group Insurance)
- Collaboration with MM2H agencies for medical insurance application
Insurance Types
  • Unit Trusts
  • Insurance Companies
  • AIA & AIA Public Takaful
  • MPI Generali
  • Languages
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • English
  • Mandarin
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    1. Nor | 17 November 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Seorang agent yang bertanggungjawab. Saya ialah salah seorang pesakit kanser ovari yang telah diuruskan oleh beliau. Saya hanya perlu menyediakan dokumen & semua urusan yang lain dilakukan oleh beliau. Walaupun harapan tipis tapi beliau berjaya menyelesaikan kes saya dengan pihak insurans. Salah seorang agent insurans yang mesti anda kenal & paling penting memberikan respon yang cepat. Thank you Rod!

    1. Khalid | 23 April 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Reliable & Attentive is how i would describe Rod. All my i inquiries regarding my policy & claims he replied in matters of seconds be it weekend or weekdays. The only agent i would confidently recommend to my peers.

    1. Swee Kian | 23 April 2019 | starstarstarstarstar


    1. Azlan | 14 January 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Good agents and friend. Rod is my schoolmates, among the achievers haha. Anyway, he very pleasant people

    1. Lakshwini | 14 January 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Rod is always available to answer and attend to any of his clients. I called him regarding my admission on a weekend and he was guiding me through out the entire procedure until my discharge. He always gives a clear explanation to any questions and makes us feel secured. He is truly an agent who I would recommended to anyone with full confidence.

    1. Raihana | 13 December 2018 | starstarstarstarstar_border

      Fast and reliable

    1. Bryan | 21 November 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Insurance knowledge is one thing, another thing that really stands out from Rod is the service. Always ready to service you with your questions and all other things. Good personality and honest.

    1. Narayanan | 20 September 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Very knowledgable and easy to approach with regards to insurance policies. Active and on-the-go always. His explanations are honest and easy to understand.

    1. Han Joo | 10 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Great wonderful agent. Recommended if you're looking for a reliable agent for your insurance advice and needs.

    1. Calvin | 09 April 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Knowledgeable and professional. He was patient and attentive to first-time insurance buyers. In addition, he provided an informative explanation to put your concerns to rest. Reliable agent.

    1. Zaireen | 16 March 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      I knew Rodzuan not long time ago via a good friend. He proposed me with the ideas of insurance and investment. The best part was, he instead educate and later I know, I enrolled an insurance by his advise. He is mobile, passionate worker as I could see, flexible in doing his work and utmost; honest. Latest, I took his advise to join investment. I rarely see an agent with this such knowledge; what he knows he shared. What he didn't know, he won't brag such. Your company must not lose you. You're an asset. All the best in future brother.

    1. Afiq Adanan | 12 February 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      I dont know him before. Till we coincidentally met when he introduce me on AiA insurance. Good explanation. No bias. Treat stranger like best friend. He gave me good advise to get best product. No hidden agenda. All the best bro.

    1. W.S | 12 February 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      In term to give the detail an explanation, Rod is a good advisor and he is honest in his role. Easy to deal and he always doing his best for his client.

    1. Thineshwaren | 20 September 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      Rodz is the most trustworthy, honest and caring agent I've known. He's there to help whenever he can even after work hours. A very reliable and great person all round.

    1. Syahir | 21 July 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      Rod is very easy to talk with as well as easy to understand. He is not pushy when it comes to promoting his services. Pleasant guy overall.

    1. Azhroul | 18 July 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      He is very good agent, very honest agent, straight to the point in what needed in the insurance.

    1. Inayat | 30 June 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      Rodzuan introduced me to my current insurance plan and the benefits it provides, both in short and long-term. I'm glad I took his advice as I have a young family and I have less to worry about the uncertainties of the future.

    1. Bah | 30 June 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      Bagi saya bro rodzuan seorang yang bertanggungjawab terhadap customer, menyediakan perkhidmatan yang bagus, mempunyai ilmu pengetahuan yang luas mengenai produk... Saya syorkan berurusanlah dengan bro rodzuan untuk produk yang anda kehendaki.

    1. Amy Chia | 29 June 2017 | starstarstarstarstar

      He is calm and very attentive to our request and concern. He always propose the right plan based on your needs

    1. Hazieq | 14 September 2016 | starstarstarstarstar

      Knowing his extensive background knowledge on insurance industry, he give good simple explanation that many insurance agents fail to do so. Many agents today are product pusher whereas Rod has advice me based on what I need to be well insured. Would recommend him to be your servicing agent

    1. Leonard | 14 September 2016 | starstarstarstarstar

      Precise, passionate, extremely professional is what I could describe Rodzuan in words. He contains tons of knowledge with insurance and very transparent too.

    1. Veillirin | 14 September 2016 | starstarstarstarstar

      rodzuan is a nice person. Very knowledgeable about the products. He very passionate person. Very convincing. Fullfil his clients needs. Very satisfied with his suggestions. Keep it up the good work bro!

    1. Ben | 13 September 2016 | starstarstarstarstar

      He is very passionate about his job and creating an insurance plan that suits his client needs, is his advantage. He is well versed in his product knowledge as well.