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  • Nama Ejen: Liew Chin Khew & Associates
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From a family agency where our family have been in insurance for 30 years. We are very experience in medical insurance and claims.

We help people by providing financial solutions such as clearing their medical bills, claims, savings, education fund and investments. Whether is it relate to life, disability, critical illness, medical card or even accidents, just name it and we can help.

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Joined since 2014,
awarded for certificate of excellence under Ibanding

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1) Claims advice
2) Insurance comparison
3) Group insurance advice
4) Pregnancy insurance
5) Senior insurance
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  • Hospital and Surgical
  • Syarikat insurans
  • Prudential Assurance & Takaful
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    1. Sarah | 05 June 2020 | starstarstarstarstar

      Very friendly and helpful. Explains plans clearly and is very informative. Easy to understand and professional at her job.

    1. cadee | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Excellent and reliable agent !

    1. Charlyn | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      She's always helpful and provide solution promptly.

    1. Darren | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      An experience agent really help a patience like me who was diagnosed cancer this year. Ivy Liew Yi Ting is one for the experience Agent whose a third generation family also involved in insurance. Based on her experience she know how to settle the medical claim . Remember look for experience agent rather that an agent do not have experience at all.

    1. agnes | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Ivy is very professional & patient when she's giving advice & consultation. Nowadays, speed is also very important. Ivy's efficiency really amazed me!!! Keep it up 👍🏻

    1. Alex | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Ivy is very approachable, she explains insurance policies patiently to me until i understand, great service i get from her.

    1. Yen | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      She provides very professional advice. I have just bought an endowment policy from her. She is highly recommended.

    1. Lani | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      By far the most professional wealth planner I have met. Ivy helped to set a road map for my future goals. Its not about buying any financial/wealth plan is about investing in the right plan that works for you! Thanks Ivy.

    1. afnan | 21 March 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      Ivy is one of the most reliable person I met. She's a professional and an honest straightforward person.

    1. Goh | 31 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Enthusiastic and pro active person!

    1. Wei Ling | 28 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Very helpful and efficient in work. You can count on her in times of needs.

    1. hafiz | 21 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      good agent

    1. Neoh | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Always Available to serve

    1. Seng San | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Prompt service, knowledgeable and approachable.

    1. Fazi | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      The best agent...and fast response.

    1. Li Teng | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Ivy is a friendly, responsible and patient insurence agent. She explains everything clearly and answered my enquiries professionally.

    1. Henry Lim | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      A very passionate as a insurance adviser who having a high priority in service rather than just want me to just sign up for any insurance plan. Very professional and patience in term to advise me on what kind of insurance plan I should have and I shouldn't have. Nothing else can describe about by just support her based on the world class service provide by her to all my friends and families.

    1. Jean | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Ivy has been an excellent agent. Prompt response with great service. Good work

    1. Candy | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Very professional and good in following up. Truly satisfied with her service.

    1. TIM | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Flexible and able to accommodate what you prefer

    1. Sue | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Excellence service that gives me a peace of mind on the policy that bought from Ivy as she well planned base on my needs.

    1. Elangovan | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar


    1. Palanivelu | 20 August 2018 | starstarstarstarstar

      Best of the best all the time...