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Short Description
-Employee Benefit Scheme
-Director Retirement & Pension Plan
-Individual Medical Card
-Hibah Through Takaful
-Business Insurance
-Ladies Takaful Plan
-Cancer Protection Plan
-Group Term Takaful
Group Critical Illnesses
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Long Description
We provide total Takaful Solutions for our clients through various products from groups to individuals. With a group of highly trained Life Planners, we surely can make the difference in your Takaful Plan needs

Employee Benefit Scheme

We offer group medical & clinical scheme to Small Medium Enterprise with pre-existing illnesses covered.
Our price is very competitive as low as RM 90 per month for staff & family plan with unlimited number of kids and as low as RM 24 per month for individual staff plan.

Director Retirement & Pension Plan

Talk to us on how to ensure your director can earn as high as 12% per year with our Takaful Guaranteed Plan.
The best part is, should your director be diagnosed with Critical Illness, your contribution is waived and your directors will continue to enjoy guarantee payout untill year 25 or year 30

Individual Medical Card

Unlimited Lifetime Limit, and the only Family Takaful Medical Card available in Malaysia.
Premium as low as RM 350 per month per family. High enrty age of 70 years old and covers up to age of 100 years old

​Hibah Through Takaful

Who needs hibah? You do if..
You have adopted children
You prefer to distribute your assets equally to your benefeciaries and avoid Faraid system
Creditor's proof
Hibah is a syariah compliant intsrument, above wills (Wasiat)

Business Insurance / Takaful

Insulate your business from banks and creditors
Ensure business succession continuity when you are no longer around

Cancer 360

Introducing A-Life Cancer360-i, an innovative cancer-protection Takaful plan that covers you from the early stages of cancer onwards.
With lump sum payments, recovery benefits as well as the market-leading “Power Reset” feature, A-Life Cancer360-ihelps you to be financially prepared should the unexpected happen.

Product Brochures

A-Enrich Gold i
A-Life Med Regular i
A-Plus Medbooster i
Employee Benefits Scheme (SME Platinum)
A-Life Cancer 360 i
A-Health Maximizer i
A-Life Link i
A-Life Signature i
A-Plus Hajj
A-Life Lady360 i
A-Life Medik Famili

FOR INFO WAPP/CALL 017-3194048 / 017-3191985

Insurance Types
  • Home & House
  • Hospital and Surgical
  • Medical and Critical Illness
  • Protection
  • Saving and Investments
  • Group Medical/Life
  • Insurance Companies
  • AIA & AIA Public Takaful
  • Languages
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • English
  • Mandarin
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    1. norhaslinda | 19 June 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      mana-mana orang melaka yang cari agen service tip top boleh hubungi agen sye atih 0173194048 …. bukan ckp kosong dan kenal dan percaya baru tahu services beliau mmg terbaik

    1. nurain | 19 June 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      agen yang amanah dan bertangunjawab sentiasa dating melawat client dan menguruskan kesulitan pasal claim hospital.. nisbah 1/10 agen yang boleh services medical kad yang ateh ne no. agen sye 0173194048 SSgt rekemen this agen

    1. yusop | 19 June 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      sangat rekemen this agen yang penting dipercayai dan amanah…. kami satu family insuran diuruskan oleh beliau no fon agen saye 017-3194048

    1. anis | 19 June 2019 | starstarstarstarstar

      the best agen

    1. SURAYA | 19 June 2019 | starstarstarstarstar